Subaru Service Centre Brisbane At Bartons Subaru

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that I don’t need to get my Subaru serviced at the selling dealer? I read somewhere that as long as they stamp my log book it will not affect my warranty.

Yes, it is true that as long as the service centre is a recognised service centre they can stamp your log book for warranty purposes, but there are advantages to continuing a relationship with your selling dealership. Your current new car warranty will not be affected by going to a different service centre as long as your log book is stamped but what happens if something goes wrong just outside of your warranty? If you continued to have your car serviced throughout the warranty period with the dealership that sold you the vehicle, you would have less chance of having the out of warranty claim declined. The dealership would explain to the manufacturer that you are a loyal customer and this could assist your out of warranty claim, so it is definitely worth continuing to use the dealership for your log book services. Some customers are under the impression that they can save money by going to an aftermarket service centre but when you compare prices you will see that this is often not the case.

What guarantee do I have that your prices are competitive and genuine?

At Bartons Capalaba Subaru we ensure that all of our prices are competitive and genuine as we love happy customers knowing they are driving away with a great deal. We encourage you to shop around and compare our prices with other dealerships and are sure you will be happy with what we offer. If you have any questions about any of our prices give our service team a call on 07 3843 8130 and they will provide any information you need.

It always seems like dealerships are more expensive than other service centres. Is this true, and if so, why?

When you have your car serviced by a dealership you are putting your car in the best hands possible because our technicians are trained to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for protecting your new car warranty. We have specialised equipment from the manufacturer which other service centres may not have access to, as well as support from the factory where your car was made. At Bartons Capalaba Subaru we are happy to match other service centres in price, as long as they are providing the same quality of service at a lower price, which often is not the case. When it comes time to resell your car, its value will increase if you have had it serviced at a dealership throughout its life, so it is definitely worth it in the long run.

What is the advantage of buying genuine parts and accessories?

Genuine Subaru parts and accessories are made by the manufacturer so you are assured that they are correctly fitting to your vehicle, are of the highest quality, and that they meet Subaru’s standards for warranty purposes. It just isn’t worth buying inferior parts and accessories and possibly having a warranty claim denied, when buying genuine is best for your car as well as your warranty.

If I bought my car from Bartons Capalaba Subaru, do I need to have my car serviced there?

No you do not have to have your car serviced here as long as you take it to a service centre that is approved for warranty work. However we encourage you to bring your car here for its log book servicing as our technicians are trained specifically to keep your new Subaru at its best. Another advantage of sticking with us for your servicing needs is that should you choose to upgrade in the future we will already know the history of your car and can assist you with getting a good price for it.

I’m not completely sure what the tyre pressure should be, can you direct me to this information?

All cars are fitted with a sticker with details of the tyre pressure of the car, and this is located somewhere on the vehicle. It is often found in the door, but can be placed somewhere else, depending on the model and make. You can find out where the sticker is located by consulting your owner’s manual, which is a great resource for all the information about your car.

Does the manufacturer recommend a specific type of fuel for my Subaru?

The manufacturer makes recommendations about what type of petrol to use in its cars and these recommendations should be strictly followed to avoid engine damage and possibly risking your new car warranty.

If my wheels are vibrating what could be the problem?

The wheels on a car are rotating really fast, which means if they are knocked slightly off balance (even simply by hitting a pothole) it could cause them to vibrate, which can make for an uncomfortable ride. This issue can be easily fixed by getting a wheel balance at your next service.

My steering wheel seems to be pulling to the right hand side. Why is this happening?

If the steering feels like it is pulling to either the left or the right, it could be because the car needs a wheel alignment. The suspension on a car is specifically aligned to make for a smooth ride but if you go over a pot hole it could be knocked out of alignment which would make it start to pull to either the left or the right hand side. If you only notice the pulling at certain times, on certain roads it could be because of the way the road has been built. Roads are designed to allow for water to run off so you may get the feeling that the car is pulling to either side because of the road surface.

Why do cars have pollen filters and how often do I need to have them replaced?

Pollen filters are designed to stop pollen and other contaminants from entering the car through the air filtration system. They are what keep the air in your car fresh and clean, so they pick up dirt and other contaminants over time and are replaced every 30,000 kilometres.