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Brakes and Disc Rotors

Replacement brakes and disc rotors will often be the most expensive ongoing cost of owning a modern car, but when you think about the function that they perform in keeping you safe, it is worth every penny. Every day there are millions of cars zooming around the highways at 100 km per hour and all that is standing between them and other cars is their sophisticated braking systems. So it makes sense to keep them well maintained, despite the cost.

The advantage of having a modern car is that they have highly efficient braking systems, which are also more complex than the conventional ones, designed to work under all the different conditions that you may be driving in. Because of their different components, these modern braking systems can cost a bit more to maintain which depending on how you drive, can be as early as 20,000 kilometres.

One reason for this is due to one of the important components in the system – the brake pads. Previously these were made with asbestos but since it has been found to be carcinogenic, thankfully it is no longer used. However the material that brake pads are made from in modern braking systems is softer and does tend to wear more easily. But there are ways of reducing how often you need to replace your brakes, so talk to one of our experts for advice by giving us a call on 3843 8130.

Manufacture Service Requirements For Your Vehicle

When you get into a modern car it often feels like you are stepping into a spaceship-like vehicle, with the latest gadgets and technology lighting up the dashboard and a powerful engine at your fingertips. These cars are made of complex machinery, built for superior safety and pleasure.

As you would imagine, in a modern car, there is a lot that can go wrong if there is even a simple maintenance mistake such as putting in the wrong oil, which can damage your vehicle considerably. Maintaining your new car warranty involves following the manufacturers standards to ensure that the car runs at optimal condition for as long as possible.

At Bartons Capalaba Subaru we employ Qualified Automotive Technicians and Apprentices who choose a particular brand to work on throughout their career. These technicians focus on becoming experts in their field, and have support from the manufacturer to ensure that when they work on your car, they satisfy the requirements of your new car warranty. During your logbook car service this maintenance can include connecting your car to the manufacturer’s international service system to be updated.

Due to the complexity of modern vehicles and the specialised training that our technicians need to have to work on them we do not recommend taking your new car to an aftermarket service centre. Our team can provide the best service possible for your car to ensure that all specifications are met for your new car warranty. If you have any questions about this or any other vehicle maintenance requirements please give us a call on 3843 8130 and talk to one of our experts.

Air Conditioning Service

If you enjoy the cool, fresh air that is circulated through your car from its air conditioning system, you will understand the importance of having it reconditioned properly. This service is done using specific government regulated equipment and can only be done by a staff member who is trained to use it.

Your air conditioning system uses around 550 grams of gas to cool the air that comes into your car. You will notice that it needs to be reconditioned with new gas when it does not work as well as it should, and this is when you take it to a reputable air conditioning expert such as our team at Bartons Capalaba Subaru.

When reconditioning an air conditioning system we first remove the existing gas from the system which is disposed of in an environmentally appropriate way. The system is then cleaned and replaced with the correct amount of new or reprocessed gas. Some less reputable workshops have been heard of to simply top up the gas, which means that the ‘worn out’ gas will still be in the system. This will prevent it from functioning as well as it could so it is important to have this service done by someone that knows what they are doing. 

Changing Air Filters and Fuel Filters

If you want to change the air and fuel filters yourself you will need to have the specific ones for your car, so you will first need the VIN number. To ensure that you do not cause problems with your new car warranty we recommend buying genuine Subaru products which we can provide at a competitive price through our spare parts department. You can buy these parts from our online EBay store or by calling us on 07 3249 5266 and we can source them for you.

To change the air filter, located the air filter holder and remove the cover by undoing the clips or screws. Ensure that you put the screws in a safe place so you don’t lose them as this could be a real problem for you. Next you need to take out the air filter and clean or replace it. It can be cleaned using a high pressure air hose to blow out any dust and dirt that is in the air filter or its holder. If the filter has not been changed in the last 12 months, now is a good time to replace it with a new one. Once the air filter has been put back in place, close up the holder and reattach the lid with the clips or screws and the job is done.

Changing your fuel filter is a much more complex job, so if you are not confident please contact our experts at the Bartons Capalaba Subaru to arrange it for your next service. You will need to have the correct tools and do the work in a well ventilated area. If you are not sure about how to do it make sure you do your research as fuel systems vary depending on the make and model of car. Modern cars do tend to have very high fuel pressures so this needs to be taken into account before carrying out the work. 

Pollen Filter Replacement

Your pollen filter needs to be replaced around every 30,000 kilometres and you will need to correctly fitting part, so we recommend you contact our spare parts department so we can source one for you. The pollen filter cartridge is located under the dash, and usually has clips or screws that need to be undone to get access to it. It is a fairly simple procedure involving removal of the old one, and replacement with a new filter. Usually your service repairer will let you know when it needs to be done, or you can give us a call on 07 3249 5266 to talk to our experts.  

Tyre Pressures, Wheel Alignment, Rotate and Balance, Replacing Tyres

The tyre pressure on your car is an important safety concern and needs to be checked regularly to ensure that your tyres are at the correct pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. Each vehicle has specific tyre pressures that are optimal for the safe handling of the vehicle on the road. This information can be found on the tyre pressure sticker that is located on the car. Often it is inside the driver’s door but depending on the vehicle is can be in a different location. This sticker will also have information for adjusting tyre pressure to accommodate extra passengers or a heavy load in the boot.

At Bartons Capalaba Subaru we encourage you to check your tyre pressure at least once every fortnight, and inspect your tyres at the same time. This can be done by running your hand across the tread and feeling for uneven wear or feathering. If you find something that looks or feels amiss it could indicate that the car is in need of a wheel alignment, rotate and balance. If tyres are worn unevenly or lacking in tread they will need to be replaced. When you purchase new tyres they will usually encourage you to get a wheel alignment, rotate and balance which will prevent uneven wearing in future.

To balance a wheel and tyre we first remove it from the car by undoing the wheel nuts with a rattle gun. Then each wheel is put onto a balancing device which spins it to the correct speed to check for correct weight. The technician then attaches weights to the wheel as indicated by the balancing device and the wheel is replaced back onto the car using a rattle gun to ensure that it is tightened correctly and does not fall off when you are driving. If you find that your tyres are wearing unevenly and suspect that you need new tyres, give Bartons Capalaba Subaru a call before going to a random tyre centre. We will be able to provide free advice and provide new tyres for your car at competitive prices.