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Car Care

No matter how well you look after your new car, there is a good chance that it is going to be exposed to human and environmental elements that could damage it, causing premature aging to its surfaces. Nature’s plethora of birds, bats and tree sap, as well as ultraviolet light can cause damage to the vehicle over time, which may cost you to repair or reduce the worth of the vehicle.

 Even the best of humans could accidentally spill drinks or food which could damage the interior surfaces. One way of reducing the impact of damage to your vehicle from these elements is through high performance car protection which helps you to keep your car looking newer for longer.

The Benefit of High Performance Car Protection

The Benefit of High Performance Car Protection

High Performance Surface Coating

  • Surface coating makes your car shine brilliantly.
  • Has self-cleaning properties that work to repel dirt and dust.
  • Provides superior protection from bird and bat droppings, tree sap and fading from UV light.
  • No more unsightly marks from buffing and polishing.
  • Helps to keeps that new-car gloss.
The Benefit of High Performance Car Protection

High Performance Leather Coating

  • Leather upholstery is protected from the damage caused by UV light.
  • Keeps the leather surfaces soft and supple.
  • Has deep down moistening protection. 
Car Protection 2

High performance Fabric & Carpet Coating

  • Effective resistance to staining from food and drinks.
  • Reduces the growth of harmful bacteria, mould and fungus which is a bonus if you have small children dropping food that remains undiscovered for weeks.
  • Invisible protection.
Car Protection 2

High Performance Vinyl Coating

  • Makes surfaces easier to clean.
  • Protection from staining caused by food and drinks.
  • Protection from premature aging and discolouration caused by UV light.

Benefits of Window Film

  • Keeps You Cooler: Because tinted windows reflect the sun the inside is cooler and more comfortable.  
  • Blocks Harmful UV: Allows in light while blocking out its harmful UV rays.  
  • Reduces Glare: Safer driving due to a reduction in glare prevents eye strain while making driving safer.
  • Looks Stylish: Tinted windows make a car appear sleek and stylish.
  • Protect Interior Surfaces: Over time and exposure to UV light the interior fabrics and surfaces can become faded but tinted windows prevent this from happening. 
  • Keeps Broken Glass Intact: In the event of an accident or broken window the window film will keep the pieces together so there is less chance of being cut by broken glass as well as less clean up required.